Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees govern the Education and Leadership Trust, which comprises of multiple schools in a co-operative academy trust. They are responsible for raising standards through guidance and provide strategic direction.

They are responsible for raising standards through guidance and provide strategic direction. Governors are an important part of our school community, and provide essential critical support to the school.

Members and Directors

All new Directors must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Name Title Member/Director Appointed Office Ends Business & Pecuniary Interests
Andrew Mullen Chair of Trust Board Member & Director 24/09/18 23/09/22
Richard Paver Chair of Finance Member & Director 24/09/18 23/09/22 Combined Authority/AGMA (Treasurer), Commission for the New Economy (Director), Manchester Investment & Development Agency Service Ltd (MIDAS) (Director), Manchester International Festival (Director), MIF Productions Ltd (MIFPL), TfGM (Non Exec. Director), Education and Leadership Trust (Personal Capacity), Manchester Growth Company (Audit Committee Membership), Manchester Metropolitan University (Audit Committee Membership)
Dr Johan MacKinnon PhD Executive Headteacher Director 01/09/19
Emma Antrobus Chair of Levenshulme High LGB Director 24/09/18 23/09/22 Non-executive Director of the Kingsway Community Trust
Jessica Bowles Chair of The East Manchester Academy LGB Director 22/12/16 21/12/20
Elaine Ferneley Chair of WRHS LGB Director 23/03/17 22/03/21 Employee of the University of Manchester
Ronan Brindley Member & Director 25/04/16 24/04/20 Employee of Manchester Art Gallery
Sandra Milne Director 06/12/16 05/12/20 Employee of the University of Manchester
Matthew Begg Support Staff Director 05/12/17 04/12/21
Dale Bassett Director 24/09/18 23/09/22
Kate Wragg Teaching staff Director 21/01/19 20/01/23

The Education and Leadership Trust Director Attendance at Meetings 2017/18

Director Trust Board Meetings Attended Finance Comms Attended
Michael Chidley (chair until 24/09/18) 4/4 4/4
Patsy Kane (Responsible Officer) 4/4 4/4
Andrew Mullen (chair from 24.09.2018) 4/4 4/4
Richard Paver 4/4 4/4
Emma Antrobus 3/4 3/4
Matthew Begg (appointed 05/12/17) 3/3
Yvonne Eleanor Norton (appointed 05/12/17, resigned 31/08/18) 2/3
Dr Asad Khan (appointed 18/06/18) 1/1
Jessica Bowles (appointed 25 July 2017) 3/4 2/3
Dale Bassett 0/0
Ronan Brindley 3/4
Sandra Milne 4/4

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

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