Local Governing Body (The East Manchester Academy)

The East Manchester Academy’s Local Governing Body (LGB) is represented by numerous members of the community. Governors are an important part of our school community and provide essential critical support.

They are responsible for raising standards through guidance and provide strategic direction. Governors are an important part of our school community, and provide essential critical support to the school.

Local Governing Body

Name Role Type Appointed Term of Office Ends Business and Pecuniary Interests
John Moran (Chair of Governors) Community 01/09/16 01/09/20 Governor at St Barnabas CofE Primary School
David Regan (Vice Chair) Community 01/09/16 01/09/20
Neil Smith Community 20/09/16 20/09/20 DHT at Manchester Grammar School
Dirk Pittaway Community 15/11/16 15/11/20
Jessica Bowles Community 22/12/16 22/12/20
Colin Walton Teaching Staff 21/10/16 21/10/20
David Elms Support Staff 01/09/16 01/09/20
Susan Naouali Parent 20/01/17 20/01/21
Patsy Kane Executive Headteacher ASCL Council Member
Anthony Benedict Academy Headteacher

Governing Body Committees and Chair

Meeting Type Key/Reference Chair of Meeting
Local Governing Body LGB John Moran
Finance and Resources F&R Dirk Pittaway
Curriculum and Standards C&S Neil Smith
Wellbeing WB David Regen

Governors’ Attendance at Meetings (2015/16)

Governor LGB Meetings Finance & Personnel Meetings Premises Committee Pupil Progress Meetings Curriculum & Standards Committee
John Moran 6/7 4/4 3/3 4/5 4/5
Harold Rostron 6/7 4/4 3/3 4/4 5/5
Martin Boulton 3/7 5/5 5/5
Eddie Smith 3/7 3/4 1/3 3/5 3/5
Cllr Rosa Battle 2/7 1/5
Tom Russell 2/7 1/4 1/3
David Regan 6/7 1/1 5/5
Dirk Pittaway 4/7 1/4 1/3
Carrie Anne Huelin 0/1 0/1
Anne Marie-Nemeth 0/3
Rev Olduare Babalola 3/7
Guy Hutchence 3/3 1/1 1/1 2/2 2/2
Jill Richford 5/7 4/4 3/3 3/5 4/5
Nicolla Watts 2/3
Dave Elms 5/7 2/7

Contact the Chair of Governors

If parents / carers wish to contact school governors, please route any enquiry or written correspondence (addressed private and confidential) to Mr J. Moran, Chair of Governors, via school. Alternatively, email Miss C Hunt, Headteacher’s PA: c.hunt@temac.co.uk

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